Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

QubikHub is a combination of business tools synthesised in one easy to use platform with the emphasis on business growth and efficiency. Our consultants have years of experience to best serve you with complete business support. What makes us so unique is that we strive to cover all areas to genuinely add value to all areas of your business.

We’re a friendly team who put emphasis on “value for client” but more importantly in creating synergy between the client and consultant. Our method of business is based primarily on transparency and professionalism.

The possibilities are endless, it is hard to point a finger at an area or industry of speciality.  Our goal is to be with you throughout your journey of growth. Be it from just the idea stage or landing your first round of funding or securing your 1000th client. We’re flexible to work with all types of businesses and add value where it is needed most.

QubikHub is primarily designed for startups who need an experienced and hands-on player on their side. Someone who can guide them towards their goal. We’re not like an accelerator but similar to a free-flowing eco-system that gives you the support service on demand.

For people who are at the idea stage, we recommend the “2” package to start off with. The tutorial videos should help jump start and transition your idea into a more thought through business idea ready for the next step. Our consultants will be ready to deal with any queries you have!

Once you’ve gone through the initial consultation meeting we’ll understand your goals and objectives you have for your business. We will then work with you to formulate a plan and breakdown the best possible ways to operate both new and existing projects you have. Our communication and support will the escalate from instant messaging, video conference calls, tailor-made strategy plans and in-person meetings.

Digital consulting is a revolutionary new way of business consultancy. We believe that traditional business consultancy and business development companies are very clunky, and it can take up a lot of time in even scheduling a meeting. In the fast-paced business world today your business needs to support fast and digital consulting fulfils that need.

Most times it is guidance and helping businesses take efficient routes or unexplored routes towards growth.  We have typically solved problems such as raising funds or improving supply chains as well as helping with business plans and financial forecasts. Our Business and Digital Marketing consultants provide innovative ways to grow your business sometimes through improving sales, profits as well as customer conversion and retention.

A QubikHub membership is typically 3 months with each membership allowing for an early upgrade if your business requires the upgrade. We believe that our service will be most effective over a 3-month period.

We’re big on not just planning but executing.  In a consulting session we work with you to establish the current stage of your business and what are the best ways to take the next steps. Unlike accelerators we want you to keep the autonomy of the business, but we definitely want to ensure you’re taking the most efficient routes for the maximum amount of growth.

Packages vary in pricing. Each package is a quarterly package and created to suit businesses in different stages.

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Our sophisticated platform helps us monitor and track the progress of the communication between client and consultant and so this helps the consultant stay on track with updates.

Every business is very different and requires different time frames to flourish. We don’t like to guarantee a set time when you’ll see results, but we do believe that the value we add will bring developments to your business.

Mostly startups, however some of our packages cater for SMEs too and we’re open to working with them.  We don’t have a preference for a certain industry. It could be tech, Fintech, the next Fashion Boutique or Healthcare business.